2022 Leadership Voting

2022 Leadership Voting

Our Annual Celebration will take place on Wednesday, February 2, at 6:30pm, in Parmerter.

Our Annual Report will be coming soon, and you will be able to find it here, as well as printed copies at the church reception desk starting Feb 3.

All full members of Pearce are encouraged to vote for new members of the Official Board and Nominating Committee. There are three slots open for serving on the Official Board for three-year terms. The five nominees are Sondra Anderson, Beth Bellinger, Laura Cockrell, Bob DeRoo, and Kim LaCelle. There are also three slots open for serving on the Nominating Committee for three-year terms. These individuals have been nominated for the Nominating Committee: Melinda Franzwa, Abby Monroe, Jessica Newcomb, and Rob Thomson. Read below to learn more about our nominees. Voting will take place online again this year but there are also options to vote in-person at the church February 2nd - 6th for those who would prefer this method.

To vote in person, stop at the Pearce reception desk before 6 pm on Friday, February 4 or after worship services on February 5th/6th.

To vote online, use the link provided by email or below, starting Feb 2. If you have questions, you can contact the church office at [email protected] or 585-594-9488 by February 6.

Official Board Nominees
Class of 2025

Take a minute to meet our Official Board candidates and prayerfully consider your selection.
(vote for three)

Sondra Anderson

I was privileged to be taught about Jesus at a young age and accepted Him as my Savior as a child. God has proven Himself faithful throughout my whole life. My faith and trust has grown over the years, thanks to churches and small group involvement. I believe we need to walk daily with the Lord and we need to go to Him in prayer over everything.

Over the last several years I have been focused on ministering and caring for my parents, so I have not been as involved as I would like in the ministries at Pearce. I am currently working in the nursery and will be facilitating the next Mission Garage Sale.

My vision for Pearce is that it would be a place for everyone seeking the Lord to come and find Him; that we would reach out and help to disciple others.

Beth Bellinger

I was raised in a Christian home and accepted the Lord as a preschool child. God honored that early commitment. Although not always aware at the moment of God’s guiding ways through stages of life, it is clear He has directed my path.

Although I have not been directly involved in any ministries during the past three years, I have previously been on the Official board, serving on both the policy and personnel committees.

My vision for Pearce has always been that we would be a place that worships and honors God, provides support and encouragement to the membership, and reaches out to serve our community to draw people to God.

Laura Cockrell

From an early age, I had a love for God and desire to please Him. Through high school and college, I had influences that demonstrated what it meant to have a deeper relationship with God and the gift of salvation, as well as being equipped to serve a local church.

I have served in many roles in Community Bible Study over the past 25 years, most recently as the Associate Teaching Director which involves training, supporting leaders, planning opening testimonies, tech support, teaching and many administrative duties.

My vision for Pearce is that it would be a church that is intentional about growing disciples who are continually growing in Christ. This would be evidenced by connecting with the community, welcoming diverse people into fellowship, dynamic worship, and a growing congregation that overflows with God’s love.

Bob DeRoo

I was raised in a Christian home since I can remember. My dad led me to Christ as a young teen in our living room.

I have served as the Teen Sunday School Superintendent for 30 years. In the past, I helped lead the Sportsmen ministry at Pearce. I have also greeted people as they came to worship as an usher, coordinated communion servers, and worked in Food Service.

The church has been through a lot of upheaval in the last several years and it is time to heal. My vision for Pearce is that we go forward as one committed congregation. It is going to take all of us to make this happen and I would be glad to be part of the leadership team to go forward in that direction.

Kim LaCelle

God cares for and watches over us. He will not abandon us. The past five years have brought extra challenges to my life, but God has provided the right people to help, the right words to encourage me and the right path to follow in my life.

I have served at Pearce in a variety of ways, serving on the GCLT (missions committee), helping with Children's Ministry, and our Linked with Love connection with Nzige, Rwanda. I get to use my green thumb to care for the courtyard with other ladies. Currently, my main focus has been with Celebrate Recovery.

Pearce is a church with great resources and people who love the Lord. My vision for the church is to continue to interact with others in such a way that there is no doubt God loves them. We need strong communication to connect and grow ministries, emphasize the role of youth, partner with RWC and NES to spread the gospel and listen for God's will in all we do.

Nominating Committee Nominations
Vote for 3

Pearce Policy Manual
Section 2 Amendments
For Approval

Vote will take place on February 2nd , in-person only

Section 2.2. H
Filling a Mid-Term Vacancy
When a vacancy occurs through death, resignation or other event, the Board may appoint the next person in line from the most recent election to fill out the unexpired term. If that person chooses not to serve, the fifth next nominated person will be asked to complete the term.

Addition to 2.2. H
In the case where none of those nominated in the most recent election choose to serve or there were no additional nominees to ask, the Board may appoint a qualified individual to fill out the unexpired term until the election cycle for Official Board members. The Board may also, in this case, choose to call for a special election to fill out unexpired terms.

As the Personnel Committee of the Board worked with the Lead Pastor, Todd Daningburg, and the Executive Administrator, Honna Curtis, on updating job descriptions, a recommendation emerged to include an expectation for key leadership roles to be regular attenders of Pearce Church. Section 2.2 F outlines “Board-Related Personnel Policies” and the Board approved the addition noted here on attending Pearce.

Pearce Policy Manual Section 2.2 F
Addition to 2.2 F.7
“Pearce staff in key leadership roles shall be regular attenders of Pearce Church. Key leadership roles include members of the lead pastor's leadership team (in 2021 called the Administrative Team) and other individuals who have significant roles for Pearce Church such as Facilities Director and Food Service Director. For clarity, this expectation of Pearce attendance for key leaders is included in the job description signed by the individual.”

Retiring Official Board Members
Jamie Chalmers
Matt Kerwin
Terry Taber
Current Official Board Members
Mark Bates
Mike Faro
Julie Grimm
Linda Mantegna
Susanne Mohnkern
Jim Morton, treasurer
Mike Wilson
Retiring Nominating Committee Members
Earl Bassett
Rob Thomson
Joan Goulart (deceased)
Current Nominating Committee Members
Bill Christopher
Lois Corbett
Lois DeRoo
Todd Draper
Dan Kennedy
John Monroe